2 years allergy

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by laitrang5t@hotmail.com on Thu Dec 01, 2022 9:45 am

2 years allergy

May I get your advice and experience sharing? My 2 years girls has got the allergy in 3 months. She got a raised, itchy rash (hives). At the beginning, the hives were not much, small and blur dot, almost not cause any inconvenience to her but the it will be arise. We visited the pediatrician 8 times, the pediatrician treated my girls with anti-histamine. she was better but when we stopped using anti-histamine, the allergy comes back. it keeps repeat and we did RIDA test (panel 1) for my girls, all heterogeneous are negative. Sometimes the situation was bad, hives on whole body. From my thinking definitely the heterogenous is not from food or anything in the house but I am hopeless which can cause my girl allergy. I don't want to use anti-histamine for her in long time which can influence to her body. In addition, she got cough sometimes during sleeping as well, not seriously. Can she be allergy by vaccine, the allergy appeared after 1 week of hepatitis B vaccine, and pneumococcal vaccine.