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Allergy to Lilies

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:16 am
by Lady Teresa
I have a severe allergy to the Lily flower. I have suffered with this allergy for 7 years and now I go into anaphylactic shock. I have been 911 to the hospital over 10 times. I currently work at a hospital and most of the exposures have been at work. Thank God they have been able to treat/stablize me for transport to ER. I go nowhere without my Epi pen and others medicine. I hear others say it the fragrance yet I have never smelled them but my body reacts immediately. It starts with uncontrolled spasmic
coughing, then my vocal chords begin to swell and I lose my voice with 3-5 minutes, next starts the wheezing and the throat starts to swell. I have had 4 exposures this month and although predisone is the miracle drug, I really dislike it because its side effects. My allergist tells me no one has ever heard of this allergy so there isn't a allergy injection on the market. So basically I run for my life everyday. Does anyone have this type allergy?

Lady Teresa

Re: Allergy to Lilies

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 5:39 pm
by Mamarose17
Depending on the severity of exposure, my symptoms can range from slight nausea to vertigo, and can last for days. I sympathize with your situation since you can't avoid them in your nursing work. It's simple for me - if there are lilies in a room, I can't go there. I hold my breath when I pass an open-air flower stand. Spring, early summer are especially difficult, and the dark purple lilies seem to be the worst. I understand cats are extremely sensitive to the pollen, too.