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Digestive, Bloating, Excessive Wind & Bowel problems

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:51 pm
by Pippa801
I suffer all of the above on a daily basis, I woke up nearly 4 years ago with these symptoms & thought it was a stomach bug but I haven't been normal since. I have had various tests, all of which are inconclusive & nobody can find an answer. I cannot see any triggers in diet which cause these problems as it seems to be not what I eat but when I eat. I quickly have wind pains & swelling in my stomach, I begin to belch harshly & continually & it can be a few hours before the symptoms subside. My stomach is always swollen & I have problems dressing to hide it which is really getting me down. I find it's better if I just eat once a day, later in the day so then I only have to deal with bowel problems in the morning, since I have had these problems I have not had solid stools but diarrhoea each morning with the need to go between 3-7 times before I can even leave the house.

Re: Digestive, Bloating, Excessive Wind & Bowel problems

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:57 am
by Julie Thompson
Hi Pippa

A classic symptom of bloating is that it gets worse throughout the day and often people can wake in the morning with a flat stomach. It is often difficult to find out what food (if any) causes problems as some foods causing symptoms can be found widely in the diet - I do hear people say this quite often. Not being able to find the culprit does not mean that food is not an problem. It can be very complicated and reading a food diary can sometimes be challenging even for practitioners who are trained to look for food reactions. Not eating or missing meals and eating later at night is not the answer and I would encourage you to ask your GP for a referral to a registered Dietitian, particularly if you have lost weight as a consequence. If you can find a gastroenterology specialist dietitian this will be of more help - they usually work at hospital outpatient clinics. Or you could find a freelance dietitian here and make sure your practitioner is registered with the health and care professions council.

Kind regards