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Suprapubic catheters

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:37 am
by 4wheeldave
I have had a suprapubic cath for over 2 years following 1 year with a urethral one . I am finding it really good and by drinking loads I have been uti free for over a year. My questions are this.

1. Do most sci people have a catheter of one type or the other.
2. Is it possible to drink too much. I have between 12 and 14 drinks per day. That's almost 1 drink for every hour I am awake. Is this ok or could it cause other problems.
3. The entry site of my SP is always gunky. It's never changed in two years I have had. Always a bit messy and messy on my underwear. Why is this why does it not heal like a peircing.

All in all I can't imagine life with no SP but the above does concern me.


Re: Suprapubic catheters

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:34 am
by Mr Sachin Malde

I am glad you've found the SPC so helpful for your overall quality of life, and it is a very good way to manage your bladder. In response to your specific questions:

1. Most sci people do require some form of catheterisation. Intermittent catheterisation is a very good option to avoid having a permanent indwelling catheter, but this is not a suitable option for all patients. If a permanent indwelling catheter is required the suprapubic route is better for long-term management than a urethral catheter.

2. Fluid intake is very important, and this is a very good question. It is important to remain well hydrated to reduce risks of urine infections and catheter blockages. However, it is possible (although uncommon) to drink too much and become over-hydrated, which can result in problems with the electrolyte levels in your body and lead to other issues. Therefore, I recommend that patients drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel thirsty and so that your urine is colourless or light yellow. Normally this equates to around 2-3 Litres of fluid per day.

3. The SPC entry site often produces some discharge due to the constant irritation and rubbing of the catheter on the inner surface of the skin. This is not an infection, but rather the normal response of the body to a catheter. Regular washing with water is recommended, but using other chemicals/dressings are unhelpful in this situation, and the body will always produce a small amount of mucous/discharge at the SP entry site.

I hope this helps!

Re: Suprapubic catheters

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:04 pm
by 4wheeldave
Thanks for that much appreciated.