Vulval Lichen Planus

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by Frances489 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:43 am

Vulval Lichen Planus

I'm 71 and, after suffering from symptoms for approximately two years, I have just been diagnosed by a dermatologist with Vulval Lichen Planus. I am now on a regime of Dermovate, plus emollients. I have been reading about this condition and am a little concerned about the possibility of it spreading elsewhere. Can it do this?

I also have a problem with my eyes - itchy, inflamed, uncomfortable, lids sticking together at night. My optician did a Tear Break Up Time test and mine was 3 seconds, so my eyes are very dry. My GP hs prescribed eye drops and eye ointment to use at night, but they don't seem to making a deal of difference. I also have mild rosacea. I asked about the possibility of ocular rosacea, but, because I don't have active rosacea on my face at the moment, he felt it couldn't be that. Could my eye problem be linked to either rosacea or lichen planus?

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Dr Anton Alexandroff
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by Dr Anton Alexandroff on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:40 pm

Re: Vulval Lichen Planus

Dear Frances,

thank you for your question. I am afraid it is impossible to predict if vulval lichen planus would spread to skin. However, arguably skin lichen planus can be easier to treat. In addition to topical steroids some medications such as acitretin or isotretinoin or ciclosporin medications can be used to treat lichen planus.

Ocular rosace can happen on its own. Also lichen planus may affect other mucous membranes including eyelids. I wonder if you would like to ask your GP to refer you to an ophthalmologist.

I hope this is helpful.
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