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hyperreactive skin contact allergies

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 8:43 pm
by Catjemi1
Hi I had patch testing a few years ago, I was covered in patches up to nearly 300 and came out with some clear contact allergies that are quite severe. However, I was advised I couldn't be tested for every type of contact allergy possible, what is a good way to figure out what I'm allerrgic to other than what I already know about as thought I can avoid some ingreidents I still react. THanks so m,uch Jasmine

Re: hyperreactive skin contact allergies

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:59 pm
by Dr Emma Wedgeworth
Hi there,

It sounds like you had fairly extensive patch testing. If you are still reacting, although it could be a new contact allergy, a couple of other things spring to mind.

1) Irritancy - if you have very sensitive skin many products may irritate the skin, due to a slightly impaired skin barrier. This is not a true allergy per se.In this case, you just need to stick with wholly unfragranced products, avoid soaps and foaming products and have a number of core, sensitive skin brand products in your 'trusted circle!!'. Also, patch testing any new products on your arm or behind your ear is essential.

2)Sometimes multiple contact allergies can go along with a sunlight allergy known as chronic actinic dermatitis. If your face continues to react, this is worth thinking about.

You may be best to go back to a dermatologist to have a chat about how to proceed.

Good luck!