Constant Kidney Pain and Soreness from on going issues

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by CerveloUK on Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:36 pm

Constant Kidney Pain and Soreness from on going issues

August 2015
I had Chlamydia, was tested positive and treated with the two antibiotic pills taken once which seemed to cure it. 6 months on something still didn't seem right so I was tested again but it came back all clear, they also tested for syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV. All came back clear.

January 2016
I started to experience the symptoms very irritable and swollen on the right testicle, I went to the doctors explained above ref Chlamydia and they gave me a 9 day course of doxycycline as they suspected epididymitis. Which did work initially, then the symptoms came back once the course was finished, the doctor then put me on a 4 weeks course. But I had alot of pain and swelling in the right epididymi. The 4 week course of doxycycline did stop the infection I believe at the time but still had swelling and soreness.

I had a UT scan to reveal I had a epididymal cyst, the doctor advised it would cause no harm and I would have to live with it. It is about the size of a pea. The skin over my epididymi is red sore and stringy, not normal, like its infected as my epididymi is sore.

Over the past 18 months I have visited three urologists who have tested for urine culture, semen culture, an E Coli infection was found about a year ago and was treated with cirpofloxin but these were separate symptoms which came on quickly and cleared up with the course of antibiotics.

January 2017
I was still left with the follow symptoms after the E Coli cleared up (which have got worse, see below)
Symptoms (mostly after ejaculation)
Red Meatus
Red Tip after ejaculation
Burning after ejaculation
Right epididmy swelling and sore
Lower back/flank pain comes and goes.

I have completed private urine cultures with the the following results but the doctors dismiss these saying its a contaminated sample as WBC count is 0 or very low.

Private Test results:
May 2017: 10,000 - 100,000 cfu/ml Enterococcus faecalis
June 2017: 10,000 -100,000 cfu/ml Enterococcus faecalis
August 2017: >100,000 cfu/ml Enterococcus faecalis
Jan 2018: >100,000 cfu/ml Enterococcus faecalis

ABX tried
6 weeks Doxy
6 Weeks Cipro 500
8 Weeks Cipro 750
2 weeks Nitrofuratin

January 2018
Where I am now...
I have left these symptoms for 12 months based on two urologists advice saying I'm just sore after my E Coli infection but over the past 12 months the symptoms have steadily got worse, it burns for hours after ejaculation sometimes all day and all night, the infection/pain feels like it has now progressed into my kidneys and they are sore a lot of the day, it's painful when I drink anything other than water, if I can other liquids I get sharp pains from my kidneys as it filters through.

Where do I go from it here? it feels like I have an infection but I can't seem to get a diagnosis.

It feels like to me, every time I take antibiotics its clears up any symptoms to my body down to my right epididymi (with cyst), then once the abx finish it starts to spread back up from the right testicle like almost the right epididymal cyst is stopping the infection being killed off each time. Each time the symptoms come back stronger. But I get told over and over that isnt the case...

Just as a side note my prostate (touch wood) has been fine, urinating normal, good flow, no pain at all, semen can be a little thick it seems but that could be from the infection from the right epididymi?

My biggest concern is where to go from here and now my kidneys are really sore with lower back pain, I am worried about damage to them?

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Mr Ken Anson
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by Mr Ken Anson on Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:11 pm

Re: Constant Kidney Pain and Soreness from on going issues

I am sorry to read this sad story. Clearly you have been through a lot and had many investigations. I am afraid this situation is not that uncommon after what sounds like chlamydia and epidiymitis. Some of your symptoms maybe explained by prostatitis but really this is a diagnosis that should be based on examination and assessment of results etc.
Kidney infections are very uncommon after these conditions unless you had an underlying kidney problem in the first instance. I suspect you will have had a kidney ultrasound already but if not perhaps you should have one now if you feel your kidneys are a cause of your pain.
I would go back to your GP and explain your frustration and take from there.
Mr Ken Anson
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