Nephrectomy Patient

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by mistyang on Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:11 pm

Nephrectomy Patient

Hi, I was seriously ill in the early 2000's with kidney problems, it turned out I had severe hydronephrosis of the right kidney and despite many sessions in surgery, stents put it and removed again, replaced on and off but every time I was getting infections and practically lived on antibiotics, I was in my fifties at the time. The Urologist did a pyleoplasty to repair the kidney vaginally and after 6 months it had not worked and the hydronephrosis was back with a vengeance. I was losing weight and the pain was horrendous. I was sent for lithotrypty as a stone had formed too which the Urology Consultant said he could not remove when he had me under general anaesthetic.
By 2004 after almost 4 years of living hell, the Consultant wanted to make an incision to repair the kidney, I was petrified as if it did not work he would have to open me up again to remove the kidney. I had by this time had enough and asked him to perform nephrectomy, eventually he did agree and he performed the surgery. Since that day I have had no further kidney problems thankfully but have regular kidney function tests via blood tests. What I want to ask is, as I get older I seem to struggle more with shaking off chest infections and am worried about what would happen if my one kidney failed for any reason. What are the odds of this happening. I am almost 64 years of age now

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Mr Benjamin Challacombe
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by Mr Benjamin Challacombe on Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:40 am

Re: Nephrectomy Patient

Wow sounds like you had an awful time.
If the other kidney is healthy the chances of it failing are very low. Can’t really blame the chest infections on the single kidney. You should make sure you have regular blood pressure checks, urine tests and kidney function blood tests to keep an eye on it.
Re lifestyle. Don’t smoke and keep your weight down and the kidney will do better.
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