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breathing and chest pains

Postby blackpanther on Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:25 am

For at least the past 10 years and possibly longer I have had pain on breathing which in the past two to three years has worsened. Not being one to trouble the doctor I left it until I was diagnosed in 2013 with HHT and as part of than also a PAVM which I have been told is a small one.
After my diagnosis I decided to sort out the breathing as it was more noticeable to me and simple tasks like walking up stairs were more tiring. I was refered to the asthma clinic and for 14 months had five different types of inhalers to use and at onepoint was on tablets. None of these made any difference andi was refered back to my GP. After 6 months I finally had an appointment 3weeks ago and was informed that it was not asthma but as I was feeling tired a lot of the time and I have the HHT to take a course of iron tablets and if they did not make a difference then I may be refered after a blood test which is not for anothr two weeks. The tablets have made the pains worse were at points this week there have been sharp pains on breathing in and out and a constant feeling that my chest is being crushed or has been taped up so it cannot be expanded.
I dont believe that this is normal and I am unsure of what the right thing is to do when I next speak to the GP should I ask specifically for a referal as the GP said he was not sure on what to do on my last visit and it is now starting to make me worry as it has been going on for so long
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Re: breathing and chest pains

Postby Dr Helen Webberley on Thu Apr 16, 2015 9:23 am

Hello, it is difficult becasue your symptoms don't really fit with one particular diagnosis, and I expect this is why your GP is struggling to give you an answer.

The good thing from the medical point of view (but not so good for you) is that generally things that have been going on the same for a long time rarely are due to any nasty (or remedial) cause.

I am not sure that even a referral would give you the answers you are looking for. Sometimes we see funny, odd things that are unpleasant for patients, but not life-threatening or worrying from a medical point of view.

You say you are beginning to worry as it has been going on for so long, but ironically the fact that is has been going on for so long is reassuring to us!

I hope you find the solutions you are looking for. Dr Webberley
Dr Helen Webberley
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Dr Helen Webberley
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Re: breathing and chest pains

Postby Vicky Barber on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:22 am

Hi please would you clarify HHT

and also what investigations you have had

Best wishes

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Re: breathing and chest pains

Postby Dr Joanna Porter on Fri Apr 17, 2015 4:32 pm

Dear Black Panther

I am sorry about your symptoms. I agree with Dr Webberley that the duration of the symptoms is reassuring. However, you do say that they have been getting gradually worse. I think that I would want to see full lung function testing and a 6 minute walk test. Presumably you have had some chest scans in the past to make the diagnosis of a pulmonary AV malformation. I would certainly think that your symptoms warrant a referral to a good general respiratory physician who could also excluded cardiac and musculoskeletal causes for the pain. Sorry not to have been more specific and I hope that you get sorted.
Dr Joanna Porter
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