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Asthma causing sore throat?

Postby gracethomas01 on Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:54 pm

Hi, I'm a 31 year old female with no history of asthma (although I did have severe whooping cough aged 15 and have had a relatively weak chest since), I've recently been diagnosed by a respiratory nurse as having asthma and put on a preventative inhaler etc. My main symptom is a very tickly cough, fatigue and wheezy feeling when I breath (mainly present through the night and awful in the morning when I bring up a lot of dark coloured unpleasant goop) - this cough comes and goes for no apparent reason. My question is.. I also have a sore throat that comes and goes with or without the cough… it's not a typical sore throat, it's worse in the morning (to the point of me not being able to swallow without whincing) and feels like something is stuck in my throat each time I swallow throughout the day. I've shone a torch and the back of my throat has several slightly red almost jelly like patches all over it (this isn't thrush), this is what worries me the most but seems to come and go like the cough. Is it possible that an allergy is causing all of this? Is there anything I can do as I don't want to be on a steroid inhaler indefinitely as after time it gives me the shakes and aches (I've tried 2 now). If anyone could give some advice it would be appreciated. Many thanks, Grace
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Re: Asthma causing sore throat?

Postby Vicky Barber on Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:25 am

Hi Grace,

Thanks for your post,

I decided to break this down into separate topics

1 sputum, I think it's probably best to arrange with your nurse to send a sputum sample away, ( I cannot ignore that you had whooping cough and that this may have caused some damage within your chest)

2 I would a arrange to review your inhaler dose and technique again, and ask you to consider if you are wheezing after you have been coughing or if it just happens. Also are you gargling after using your inhaler. In terms of your side effects lots of people do have the type of symptoms you mention but you can usually find one that suits you.

3 you need to arrange for a clinician to examine your throat but definitely allergies rhinitis and gastric reflux can cause a sore throat that comes and goes.

4 you mention lethargy have you had some blood tests to review possible causes.

Hope that helps

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Vicky Barber
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Re: Asthma causing sore throat?

Postby gracethomas01 on Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:01 am

Thank you very much Vicky, I'll arrange a sputum sample with my nurse. My parents have always noted how my chest has been noticeably weaker since the whopping cough and I've gone onto have regular chest infections since then but the nurse didn't think this was linked in anyway. Now with the asthma cough being intermittent I'm struggling to see what's causing what anymore.

I have an almost constant 'tickle' in my throat which makes me try not to cough as once I do it's hard to stop. When I have this tickle I feel 'wheezy' but it does get worse when I start coughing, my throat feels very irritated but has been coming and going for around 6 months, I had a throat swab done at the start of winter when this all began but it came back normal.

Strangely I had a blood test for suspected vitamin D deficiency early this week which came back low yesterday (count at 15), I'm now on high-dose vitamin D tablets so I'm hoping this will help with the tiredness!
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Re: Asthma causing sore throat?

Postby Dr Helen Webberley on Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:13 am

Thank you Vicky for that excellent advice. Lungs and throats are very closely interlinked, and allergies, infections and asthma can affect both. Keep in close touch with your asthma nurs and GP until this is solved for you. Dr Webberley
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