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Online clinic on skin conditions - Sept 2018

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hormonal acne

Postby Joannemurray39 on Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:25 pm

i have pcos which causes facial hair and i get very painful large spots along my jaw line. Is there anything i can do to help with this.
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Re: hormonal acne

Postby Wendy Green on Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:36 pm

Hi Joanne,

I'm wondering how your PCOS is being treated, as once the hormonal imbalance associated with the condition is addressed your acne should improve.
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Wendy Green
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Re: hormonal acne

Postby Dr Mark Brewin on Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:43 pm

The large spots are most probably folliculitis associated with increased hair growth. You might want to seek some sort of help with epilation and you should consider laser hair removal with either a diode or Alexandrite laser (not IPL). This would reduce hair growth and in turn reduce the symptoms of folliculitis.
Good luck
Dr Mark Brewin
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