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How destroy penile fibrosis?

Postby willy3191 on Sun May 05, 2019 8:58 pm

Hello everyone,

I am a man, I am 27 years old.

I have already posted here about my sexual dysfunction issues that I attributed to a neurological problem. After consulting a urologist on January 9, I learned that my problems are much more serious than I thought. My problem is mainly vascular. I have fibrosis in the cavernous body of the penis (MRI in support) due to thrombosis or ischemic priapism at low flow.

As if I was not poor enough, I received a puncture and injection of phenylephrine from an emergency room urologist on January 19th. It is a treatment for priapism. It is not recommended for those who already have fibrosis. The main side effect of phenylephrine is fibrosis and narrowing of the blood vessels, which has caused penile ischemia exposing me to dry gangrene (if it has not already started, this type of gangrene being difficult to detect at the naked eye). Since then, I have been constantly living with a sword of Damocles over my head. And my penis is in a sorry state. The blood circulation is insufficient and the sexual dysfunctions even worse than before.

Doctors protecting each other, no one wants to answer my legitimate questions.

Nobody seems to be able to help me in Quebec (Canada). As soon as fibrosis is suspected, the urologists immediately want to put penile prostheses. Do you know of urologists willing to try treatments to try to reduce penile fibrosis? How do you get treatment in another country, what is the procedure? I would be ready to meet an urologist in France, United States or elsewhere if necessary.

The more time passes, the more serious my problems are. I must act quickly and efficiently. When the fibrosis heals, it becomes irreversible. Maybe it's not too late to destroy (in part) my new "batch" of fibrosis dating from January 19, 2019.

Thank you.
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