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PCOS & Hirsutism

Postby sn_g1998 on Sun May 12, 2019 1:28 pm

Hello, I'm pretty new to this forum but hope that there's someone who can relate to my problem and give a little advice?!

I am 21 years old and for around 6 years, I've had hirsutism. I would say there are very few body parts that I'm not removing hair from; both time consuming & painful. This is really affecting my confidence & self-esteem, especially at this period of life when I'm at university and trying to live my youthful years!

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS after discovering a pilonidal cyst which has also been bothering me. The cause of this most likely being an ingrown hair.

My main aim is to reduce the hair growth so I have been prescribed co-cyprindiol which I've been taking for around 3 months now. I am aware that it takes more time to work. I am just curious if anyone knows how this medication works for excess hair. Will my body hair start falling out after 6 months? Do I need to remove the body hair first for it to stop growing?

I just feel like I've reached the optimal level of body hair and don't understand how the hair will just disappear after taking the pill?

PS. I have tried countless hair removal methods but my skin is quite sensitive & ingrown hairs and bumps are just so common! Laser hair removal would be the dream however I'm a student and can't quite afford that just yet.

Thanks for all your help x
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