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Need advice!

Postby ginadabz on Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:38 pm

Hey!! My sister has been diagnosed with psoriasis a year ago and is taking medications. But she is not happy with the result as it is not very much impressive. She is under depression because of severe hair loss and itchy scalp. She is planning to drop this treatment and look for some other alternative method to get rid of psoriasis.

I was researching about this and came across a blog which says colonics helps psoriasis. Is it true? This is the first time I'm hearing. Colonics are used to remove the toxins and waste collected in the colon. How does it help psoriasis? I would also like to know the deatils about your treatment so that I can share it with my sister. Thank you!!
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Re: Need advice!

Postby lilyblues22 on Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:57 am

Hello Ginadabz,

I was excited when i read your question because Your sister sounds like me a few months ago.
I used to be very healthy looking- clear skin, bright eyes, thick hair, normal poops, happy and excited about life. In the last year I became miserable. When i don't look my best i get depressed and when i don't feel my best i get depressed. I had to figure out what was wrong.
I am always seeking alternative options to health problems and know there is no disease that is not curable by me. I know anything can go away. And I'm telling you- know that as truth too :)

Some research led to more research and i discovered that i potentially have parasites inside me. worms perhaps? instead of going to a doctor which i avoid like the plague i decided to try a parasite cleanse for one month. The entire month i followed the protocol with supplements and dietary changes.

After a month of cleansing and killing parasites i was absolutely amazed!!
I lost unwanted padding in the mid section.
I had exuberant amounts of energy.
My appetite was normal again
No more bloating after everything i ate
sleep soooooo well
my eyes brighter and eye whites whiter
less gas
less IBS symptoms
less craving for sugar and carbs ( i have like NONE NOW)

I went for a colonic after that month and a lot of dead parasites came out. I took 2 weeks off just eating normal again and started the cleanse again but this time adding diatomaceous earth. There is so much more parassites coming out of me and I'm starting to look even more better and I'm happier and seriously have more ambitious attitude to go for what i want. My boyfriend said my hair looks thicker and i knew that i was actually absorbing more nutrients rather than feeding these damn worms.

I still for a colonic now and then to remove what i can't and yes i think that is why if helps clear skin. The shit that comes out of the bowls that were stuck way up in there free you up. Your skin is a reflection of whats inside you right ??? :):)

I really hope this inspires you to really check out doing a parasite cleanse. Everyone has them. If you have pets you have them. If you clean diapers, you have them. If you eat raw fish or meat, you have them, if you eat unwashed fruits and veg you have them. They can even be breathed in. don't be overwhelmed. I was in that place to as your sister so just know she will get back to being the best health of her life once she kills and gets rid of all the parasites eating her nutrients.

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