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Online clinic on allergies - Feb 2017

Action Against Allergy (AAA) provides information, advice and support to those made chronically ill through the many different forms of allergy and those who care for them.

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children & allergy

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Dog Allergy

Postby figkimber on Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:03 pm

Hi, this query may in part have been covered by previous post. My 6 year old has suffered from eczema since around 6mths (and subsequently asthma) After finally being referred to a skin clinic he has just tested +ve for an allergy to dust mites and dog fur. We have had a dog in the house since he was 1. His skin is not persistently bad but does flare up and he is prone to scratching which then readily becomes infected. Is he ever likely to grow out of this? How can we minimise the impact of the dog and dust without having to consider rehoming our beloved pet?
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Re: Dog Allergy

Postby Dr Sian Ludman on Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:06 pm

Hi figkimber

Thanks for your post. Sorry to hear your child is struggling with eczema and it sounds like a good thing he got tested for allergies. Aeroallergens can flare up eczema in certain children. House dust mites can be a real problem in certain eczema cases. Allergy UK has a useful information sheet on house dust mites. The evidence is not great on reduction methods sadly. With regards to dogs I think you have to ask yourself if your child's skin markedly improves when away from the dog - trips away etc. Or if it worsens whe he has been particularly friendlt with the dog with lots of physical contact etc. Animals are always an emotive and difficult subject and sometimes they don't need to be rehoused as the results are due to sensitisation rather than allergy. It must be taken as a person by person situation.

Hope that helps.
Dr Sian Ludman
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