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Rudolph nose!

Postby Emily2001 on Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:24 pm

I am 49 and I have taken mirvaso and rosex to treat rosacea having been troubled with significant red veins on my face for many years. I hardly ever drink alcohol as brings on excessive flushing and endeavour to minimise spicy food. I always wear high factor sunscreen. I also take rosehip tablets. How can I treat existing "Rudolph" nose and prevent rosy cheeks getting worse as difficult to balance hydration and obvious signs of aging. Are there skin product ingredients I should avoid and what is beneficial to the condition?
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Re: Rudolph nose!

Postby on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:38 pm


I am sorry to hear of the troubles you have had with rosacea, which can be very distressing. Have you seen a Dermatologist? It sounds as if your treatment needs to be optimised as you have not responded to topical treatment alone. There are some drugs which can help in terms of reducing the inflammation associated with this condition e.g. low dose tetracyclines. There are also some newer topical treatments such as Soolantra, which you may benefit from. In terms of reducing the appearance of redness, some of the larger Boots stores stock a wide range of "anti-redness" moisturisers from reputable companies.

I hope this helps.

Re: Rudolph nose!

Postby Dr Anjali Mahto on Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:54 pm

Many thanks for taking the time to post your questions. I agree with my colleague, Dr Singh, that oral medications such as tetracyclines and new topical therapies may be of benefit to you.

Redness caused by rosacea can also be treated with light and laser devices such as IPL and pulse dye laser. These can often produce good results but a course of treatment is usually required and annual maintenance treatments may be necessary. IPL can also provide a rejuvenation effect to the skin so will also address any anti-aging concerns you may have. A cosmetic dermatologist will be able to provide and guide you through these treatments.

Rosacea-prone skin can often be extremely sensitive and you may find avoidance of the following ingredients helpful: retinoids, alcohol, fragrance, menthol, sodium or ammonium lauryl sulphate, peppermint. Also stay away from harsh cleansers, exfoliating agents and toners.

I hope this helps and best wishes,

Dr Anjali Mahto
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