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Painful during sex post hysterectomy

Postby Guest Posts on Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:54 pm

From anonymous:

I had cervical cancer in 1985 with a Wurtsheimers hysterectomy, followed by 6 weeks of radiation treatment. This damaged a lot of my insides. I have been unable to have sex because it is so painful. A couple of years ago a gynaecologist did an AUE and said it was a “car crash” in there, and wiped his hands of me. Is there anything at all I can do ? I would really love to be able to have sex again with my husband.
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Re: Painful during sex post hysterectomy

Postby Mr. Hugh Byrne, MRCOG on Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:28 pm

Yes there is the potential to use estrogem cream alongside dilator therapy - I would ask for a referral back to your gynaecological oncology service.
Mr Hugh Byrne
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Re: Painful during sex post hysterectomy

Postby Mr Khalil Razvi on Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:34 pm

The issue of late effects of treatment is now quite important one after treatment of gynaecological cancers. Many cancer centres in the UK will be able to address this issue.
I have to add that if you had your treatment in the 1980s, it is quite likely the type of radiation used then is not as sophisticated as it is now and after many years, it will not be possible to reverse the changes and damages to the skin. You should seek out the help of a Specialist in this area to address your specific concerns
Mr Khalil Razvi
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Re: Painful during sex post hysterectomy

Postby Mr Radwan Faraj on Sat Mar 18, 2017 12:47 am

I would strongly advised to see a gynaecology Oncologist who will be able to help. Treatment is available like vaginal dilators with Estrogen vaginally

All the best

Mr R Faraj

Mr Radwan Faraj
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