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12 yr old girl struggling with all over eczema

Postby jenjenjen on Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:38 pm

Hi all ... my daughter is having a dreadful time emotionally with eczema. She has had it for 2 years now and it occasionally subsides leading her to think she is getting better, only for it to flare up. She has it all over her body and is very itchy at night. She scratches and had cuts and bleeds on her legs and torso.
She has been to the gp and seen a specialist but nothing really helps. She is going through puberty and also has developed acne on her face. Are there any other mums out there who have been through similar situation and have some advice? Help!
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Re: 12 yr old girl struggling with all over eczema

Postby Marcie Mom on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:19 am

Sorry to hear of the worsening eczema and acne. Hormonal changes can trigger eczema flare-ups. I've interviewed a dermatologist before and understand that acne prescription cream can worsen eczema and vice versa.

Extract from my interview with the dermatologist: ... kin-warts/
Part of a Teen Eczema series

Acne – Acne can occur in adolescents and adults. It usually starts during the teenage years and is thought to be related to hormonal changes during this period. Most people will suffer from some form of acne during their teenage years.

Acne can be divided into predominantly comedonal (whiteheads) or predominantly inflammatory with papules (zits) and pustules (zits filled with pus). Large and deep zits can result in permanent scarring.

Acne can be triggered by oily skin, oily face creams, smoking and stress. Mild acne can be treated with creams containing benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics and tretinoin. Moderate acne may require oral medications such as antibiotics and oral hormonal tablets. Severe acne can be treated with oral isotretinoin. Oral isotretinoin is usually well tolerated and can result in long term cure. However, it must not be taken in pregnancy.

A person with eczema can certainly suffer from acne as well as oily skin. As he enters puberty, a teenager with eczema can develop oily skin on his face (where the sebaceous glands are concentrated) while other parts of the body (with less sebaceous glands) remain dry. The increase in facial sebum can trigger acne.

In a person with eczema and acne, it is important that if he applies steroid creams to his face for his eczema, he avoid applying them over the acne-prone areas. This is because steroid creams can make the acne worse. Alternatively, he can use creams like Tacrolimus or Pemecrolimus to control his eczema as they are non-steroidal in nature and do not aggravate acne.

He should also use anti-acne cream only to the areas with pimples and avoid the eczematous areas as some anti-acne cream can cause skin dryness. Wash the acne prone areas with anti- acne wash while using a gentle soap for the rest of the face. Clean away excess oil from the face whenever possible. Do consult a dermatologist for advice and treatment.

Hope above be of some help, and things get better soon, hugs,
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Re: 12 yr old girl struggling with all over eczema

Postby DemetriaRogers on Thu May 25, 2017 11:01 am

My 15mo old son struggled with eczema and after using foderma serum for a week it is almost complete gone! his skin is so much smoother and looks amazing again!
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