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Rotation Diet Questions

Postby reneearnold on Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:30 pm

Hello, I have Leaky Gut and have to follow a Rotation Diet. I've been researching and planning and almost have my mind wrapped around it. But, I have some questions.

1. Since I am new, I feel like rotating the spices I cook with is just going to be the straw that broke my camel's back. I have already planned my meals around rotating genetic food families (with the exception of spices). How critical is it to rotate spices? Do I really need to just suck it up from the get go?

2. Coconut milk: I've noticed that there are coconut "drinks" in nice cartons, great for pouring on cereal etc. And then there is coconut "milk" found in cans that seems to remind me of children's paste (in looks, not taste) and a little watery substance. When a recipe, for instance pancakes, calls for "coconut milk", is it sufficient to use the neat and tidy coconut "drink"? Or do I really need to use the canned, weird, coconut "milk"?

3. Lemons: Citrus (ie lemons) are not on the same day as my pancake day, nor my spinach day. So, I can't make an alternative buttermilk with lemon juice (nor have lemon on my spinach - which I can learn to get over ;)). I'm not actually sensitive to lemons. If I know I am not sensitive to something, can I go ahead and use it more often?

4. Gluten: The only thing on my blood test that I was actually allergic to was gluten. Whereas, a wide variety of things fell into a borderline category which is what my naturopath said indicated leaky gut, or as I translated it, just allergic to food in general ;)). My question is, do I still include gluten in my 4 day food rotation? Or since I know that I am allergic to it, do I leave it out entirely?

Lastly, I have been desperately hunting for a forum of some kind to get advice and ask the many questions I have on this journey. I finally found the this place, but don't know how active it is, nor whether this is even the appropriate place to ask these questions. If anyone can suggest other communities who can answer questions about food allergies and rotation diets, please recommend them to me :). Thank you!
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Re: Rotation Diet Questions

Postby talkhealth on Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:06 pm


Thank you for your post and welcome to talkhealth!

We hope that you find the right answers on your journey. We also run online clinics on all conditions where we have medical experts who can answers your questions, so please do check regularly.

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