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Prickly Heat

Postby Guest Posts on Mon May 08, 2017 9:38 am

I suffer from prickly heat and it can make my holidays really miserable. Is there anything I can do to prevent / make it less itchy? Thank you, Sarah
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Re: Prickly Heat

Postby Dr Anjali Mahto on Mon May 08, 2017 6:36 pm

Dear Sarah,

Many thanks for your question.

Prickly heat can be a real nuisance for some in the summer months. It can be difficult to prevent but some general measures may help. Staying out of the heat, even for a few hours in an air-conditioned place can reduce how much you sweat. Once the rash has developed, cool compresses to the skin and calamine lotion can soothe the skin and lessen itching. If your skin is particularly problematic, your GP or dermatologist can prescribe a mild steroid cream to use on the affected area for a period of time to reduce inflammation.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Dr Anjali Mahto
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