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Moles and Keratosis Pilaris

Postby Isorenes on Thu May 11, 2017 11:21 am


I have been diagnosed with eczema and I suspect I also have keratosis pilaris plus some itchyosis vulgaris. I started having all of them just in recent years, not from childhood at all and I think it is because I come from a tropical country but living last 15 years in the UK, progressively my skin has become dryer and dryer and then I got all those mentioned. I also experience every winter, extreme dryness on hands, darkened, thickened and hardened patches on hands, that frequently crack open and itch, this all goes away by itself as winter goes. And I also have lost of moles, no changes that I can notice, but for one mole. I have 2 moles in my abdomen just below one breast, they are one next to the other, but one is black and the other red. The red one has become raised while the black one, not. Do I need to check it? Are all these conditions related to one another or related to cancer? Thanks
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Re: Moles and Keratosis Pilaris

Postby Dr Nisith Sheth on Thu May 11, 2017 10:56 pm

Hi. Thanks for your post. Some of the dry skin conditions you mentioned are connected to one other however they are unrelated to the number and type of moles you have

Any mole that is irregular or changing significantly should be checked out.
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