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Fantastic new rosacea treatment ; soolantro

Postby jillypops on Mon May 29, 2017 2:03 pm

I have had rosacea for years and have been on various oral antibiotics and metronoidazole gel for years although never completely controlled. A month ago a dermatologist prescribed a new cream for me called Soolantro. The active ingredient is an anti parasitic called Ivermectin. It's been used in other situations for years so is very safe and they have just begun to realise that it is proving very effective in rosacea. It's active against demodex mites, which are present on everyone's skin. The theory is that rosacea sufferers either have more demodex mites on their skin than the general population or that they have some kind of sensitivity to them. I cannot believe the effect it has had on my rosacea. It completely cleared it almost immediately. To call it a miracle seems an understatement!!!!! I've just stopped taking my oral antibiotics as this cream seems to be all I need! I'm sure that this treatment will revolutionise the treatment of rosacea, but it doesn't seem to be widely know as yet. If you have rosacea, please go to your Gp and ask him to prescribe it for you. If you google comments on Soolantro, you'll see that others have had fantastic results.
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Re: Fantastic new rosacea treatment ; soolantro

Postby Olivia Rendall on Tue May 30, 2017 9:24 am

Hi -

Glad to hear you've had success with a treatment - it can be a case of trial and error but all it takes is one to give you the result you need :)

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