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Advice for a long time sufferer

Postby JackHancock on Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:01 pm

Hi guys, first time poster. I've had eczema since birth with varying levels of severity, its been fairly calm for a number of years now but I had a particularly rough winter just gone with lots of weeping and infection etc. I had to resort to prescription steroid cream (fucibet) and some antibiotics to clear that up. This was slightly distressing as ive not had to use anything other than emollient since I had Impetigo as a child.

The problem i've been having is ever since that got to a manageable level in march or so; my skin has been periodically getting nasty flair ups, not to the level of infection or severity it was over winter (no weeping), but very pronounced red patches and clusters of bumps often with some clear fluid inside. These tend to be springing up whenever i've itched anything more than very lightly, which has been a bit of an annoyance as im still working towards scratching less ( the winter woe was largely caused by too much repeaded itching and its taking a while to return to the sanguine ways of ignoring the itch in years past).

I tend to flair up and itch mostly on my forearms, lower legs, and insides of my knees and elbows. Has anyone experienced something similar at all, and what methods did you use to curb the scratching ( quite prevelant at night when im half concious )?

I currently use Zerobase cream emollient to manage my dry skin, take Loratadine 10mg tablets for my hayfever in the summer, and have some fucibet left over from a recent bad spate (although im adverse as to using thia regularly due to long term effects and how sensitive it appears to make my skin).

Thanks for any replies and apologies if this is the wrong catagory.
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Re: Advice for a long time sufferer

Postby Marcie Mom on Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:22 am

Sorry to hear of the eczema - for night scratching, will wet wrap help? or maybe just a dry layer over moisturizer? Take care.
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Re: Advice for a long time sufferer

Postby JackHancock on Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:09 pm

Hi there!

I've never had much luck with wraps although a cool shower or packet of frozen peas often helps bring my temperature down a little in the problem areas.

During winter I did make use of full pyjamas which did help reduce scratching somewhat, as I used button up sleeves so I couldnt unconciously lift them up to get at my arms. Due to the hot weather in the Uk at the moment though; it's almost like killing yourself with kindness as I just boil and scratch more in clothing haha.
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