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Solar allergy - symptoms and treatment

Postby rozis777 on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:48 pm

The sun outside is getting stronger. Even if it is cloudy, its rays reach our skin and can cause different problems if we have not taken the necessary measures. Many people think it's too early for sunscreen creams, but they're wrong.
What is polymorphic light eruption?

Solar allergy occurs in one fifth of the world's population. It is called "polymorphic light eruption" (PLE). It appears on visible parts of the body or those that are most exposed to harmful sun rays, such as the hands, the face, the chest. Affects more young women than men.
Some people are born with an inheritance with lighter skin and are more endangered to developing solar allergy. Therefore, for some, it is easier to handle and does not require more serious treatment, while for others the situation is different and drug therapy is needed.
When does solar allergy appear?

The first skin allergies caused by sun rays appear in the spring. So far our body has been covered with clothes and most of it has had no direct contact with them. That's why doctors recommend people with whiter skin to expose their body gradually to the sun until the summer. In this way it will become accustomed to UV rays.
Symptoms of polymorphic light eruption

The first symptoms of the most common form of solar allergy do not appear immediately, and at least within two days of exposure to the sun. They are a slight rash, redness, irritation and itching, pimples or small bumps filled with water. Most often the hands and chest are affected, and rarely the face. Wounds can also be injured if the damage is greater.

Polymorphic light eruption can be cured in several ways. Firstly, to appear less times, we need to use sunscreen suitable for our skin type. People with a whiter skin should use at least a 30 factor. Wearing a hat, lighter clothes that do not attract the sun rays, and limiting sun exposure between 11 and 15 pm also help our health because such is decreased the risk of developing skin cancer.
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