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British Skin Foundation - Acne

Postby TilburyZ on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:58 pm

Does your body ever grow out of acne? How are rosacea spots and acne connected?
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Re: British Skin Foundation - Acne

Postby Dr Ed Seaton on Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:49 pm


Thanks for your question. Yes most people grow out of acne, particularly in men who tend to find acne settles in their twenties. Women may find that acne goes on longer- about one in eight women aged 25 still have acne and one in twenty women ages 40 still have acne. Acne can continue into later life and I have had patients in their seventies with acne, but this is very unusual.

Rosacea and acne are thought to be completely different conditions. Rosacea causes facial redness, often flushing and sometimes acne-like spots. Rosacea usually occurs mid-adult life, although this is variable. It is unusual in teenagers.

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