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erectile dysfunction (ED)

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Mental based problem?

Postby 86robbo86 on Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:12 am

Hey everyone just after some feedback on my situation.

I am 31 years old and recently (last 3-4 weeks) have had concerns over my erection. I am in a long term relationship 6 and half years with a woman i love completely. We recently started trying for a baby. I have told her the feelings I have been having and she has been amazing and understanding. In the past I haven't always been totally sexually confident and had the same kind of feelings a couple of times but they always seem to fade away though this time they dont seem to be. The one time I can really remember losing an erection was in the early days of the relationship and I had had far to much to drink. I have been a casual social smoker but quit totally 6 weeks ago. Drink wise I am only a social drinker mainly weekends and only a couple of drinks at a time.

As stupid as it sounds it all started while I was driving it was almost like a switch flicked in my head telling me something felt different with my penis like part of the muscle near the base was weaker or something and that it looks different when soft. I have been trying to shake this feeling ever since. As soon as I feel a twitch in the area I start stressing about wether it will be hard enough or how long will it be hard for. Its even got to the point I get myself hard just to try and reassure myself. I also think I'm not waking up erect as often as I was (although my partner assures me I still have mornings of poking her in the back) or not having as many spontaneous erections through the day but again could be overthinking.

When having sex I try to relax about it all or put it to the back of my mind and it has generally gone ok but I cant shake the thoughts. Before telling my partner I was still able to get erect and have sex and that hasnt changed except one time. Two weekends ago we had been out for a drink came home and had sex twice but the next day we tried again I totally panicked and lost it. She was understanding but it killed my confidence for a few days. When we tried again a couple of days later everything went fine and a while later I was hard again and she made me *** with her hand. Again this past weekend we had sex twice Saturday and once Sunday and Monday so I know I have no problem but I still cant shake these negative feelings. I feel I have been rushing foreplay as I get scared that if I dont I will lose my erection. In my head the base of my penis feels to weak/soft to support everything else (im around 8inches erect)

I have been to see my doctor and despite not examining me she said she doesn't think theres anything wrong but suggested a blood tests which Im waiting on results for. Her main diagnosis/reccomendation is psycho-sexual counselling which I haven't booked yet.

Apart from this issue my health I think is fine very rarely have a need to visit my GP and rarely get illnexcept the occasional cold.
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this or has any thoughts/advice?
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