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Eczema on feet for first time?

Postby GlenBW on Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:48 pm

I've had eczema in various places for around 33 years but in the past few months have suddenly started getting it on the tops of my feet. The left foot is the worst, a patch measuring approx. 8cmx9cm. I think it started with a little rough patch caused by kneeling on the floor and through itching has become worse & worse to the point where I constantly make it bleed. I've tried various creams, some make the area burn but most don't even relieve the itch. I've tried plastering it in cream & covering overnight with a bandage. Is this ever a good idea? Nothing seems to help. What do you suggest is the best course of action please? (Apart from chopping my feet off which I often feel like doing!)
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Re: Eczema on feet for first time?

Postby Dr Nisith Sheth on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:30 pm

Hi thanks for your post. If ordinary moisturising creams don't help you may need to use steroid creams. Try to wear shoes that allow the feet to breath and are not too tight or occlusive. Your GP may be able to help you organise a patch test as you may have contact allergy (for example to ingredients used in leather shoes) that might be aggravating your condition. Covering the feet with moisturising cream and occluding it with a bandage or cling film overnight can be helpful to penetrate it deeper into the skin if the skin is very dry but should be avoided if there is infection or very inflamed
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