back, neck, shoulder & elbow pain

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neck pain from home chest exercises

Postby prasanav on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:26 am

I have been doing simple exercises at home, everyday different exercises focusing on different part of the body, no two days do the same exercise except the physio prescribed stretching exercises for my back.

In my everyday routine I have pressups(different one every day), since the last few weeks experiencing pain in the neck are just above shoulder blades, reading online I see it is because of incorrect posture or either over exercises I have over done. I am not sure if doing nearly 100-150 push ups in 6 sets is overdoing, I am slim - skinny person weighing around 68-70kgs so don't know if I have pushed the limits.

no matter how much I try to correct my posture I am unable to do any more push ups or use dumbbell (5kg) to do any floor press or chest fly .

I need help to recover and get back to my exercise routine.
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