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Lichen Sclerosis?

Postby MumOfThree023 on Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:09 pm

I have been suffering from problems "downstairs" for a long while but this particular problem started roughly 8 months ago. Intermittent soreness and itching. I tried creams and tablets from the pharmacy thinking it was something like thrush. In February I had my usual smear test. It was the most painful experience. The nurse couldn't believe how using the smallest speculum could cause such pain. Thankfully the results for the smear were clear. From then when I knew it wasn't anything too serious, I went back to trying to rule things out, like changing the panty liners I used, and washing with water instead of soap as I had all my life, I worried in case a change of wash powder had caused it but then I realised it wouldn't be just my downstairs that would be irritated. There didn't seem to be a pattern to when the periods of soreness and itchiness started, it seemed to start and stop on its own, with no pattern at all. When I had an unusual discharge I asked for the GP for a swab test for infections, and again, the nurse used the smallest speculum or whatever the instrument would be called for a swab, and again it was intense pain. I could have cried. Thankfully but frustratingly the tests came back all clear. Probably about 3 weeks from the swab test results coming back, my downstairs problem started and didn't stop. I didn't get a day off from it. It was constant for a full month. I booked to see a female GP. I was embarrassed but almost beside myself with stress.
When the lovely GP had a look and bless her heart, didn't dare examine me, in case of causing me pain, said she thinks it could be Lichen Sclerosis but referred me to gynae deapartment. I have an appointment next week and I'm worried. I want to know what is causing the pain, and the intense itch but I'm scared to death that their examinations are going to hurt.

Has anyone else experience similar symptoms?
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