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Unable to perform side leg raises

Postby phippstony on Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:02 am

Hello All,

At the end of my tether with a problem I've had for around 6 months.

I can't pin point what caused it but it's causing me a whole host of issues. My symptoms are:

Can't perform side leg raises; I can lift my leg around 2-3 inches off the other and that's about it. I can't quite localise the pain but I'd say it's coming from my pelvic floor/coccyx region. What I find strange here is that I can perform normal leg raises with no issue. Just to note, attempting to perform the side leg raises often flares up the problem.

Aching in groin and lower abs - The pain seems to radiate around to these areas and gives me difficulty getting in and out of bed at its worst.

Pain in pelvic floor /coccyx area when squeezing knees together - placing fists between my knees and squeezing inwards replicates the pain.

Tender coccyx area first thing in the morning - when I get myself up and sit on the side of the bed, it's often initially painful to sit with full weight on the bed. This quickly goes away.

When I perform a piriformis stretch, when I release the stretch I experience what I can only describe as a pinching sensation from the area (both legs) and I need to make sure I do this slowly or it is very painful.

It's very difficult to pin point the pain, I've prodded around and my coccyx does feel quite tender to touch.

I've been to see a chiropractor who corrected my back, pulled me around etc and was convinced that the issue is with my pelvic floor. This seems to alleviate the groin/abdominal pain but doesn't remove the coccyx/pelvic floor pain and the exercises I was given don't help. Also went to see the doctor at first but had the usual GP advice of rest, naproxen and co-dydramol.

the pain seems to come and go but never goes away completely

Any takers on what this might be? If you need more detail from me I'm more than happy to provide it if I can.


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