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Do I have Steroid Withdrawal?

Postby MichaelF on Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:51 am

New user here, not sure if this is in right place, apologies if it's not. I've been using Betnovate 0.1 for the last few years on my eczema with decent results. After applying I get relief for the bones of a week which is how often i apply it, about once a week (Only to my bad patches, not all over). Over the last few months I've noticed bright red patches recurring in the same spots on my body after a week or so of not applying the steroid cream. I know there's different types of eczema but the one i have is the scabby, bleeding kind but this latest thing is different.

The patches look like a bad sunburn, don't bleed or scab and are ridiculously dry! If i apply moisturizer to the patches, it's like it swallows it up and within 30 mins or so it's like i never applied it in the first place. The patches start to feel more like a very fine grade sandpaper than skin and starts to get all wrinkly after a while.

More steroid cream resolves the problem (for a week). I've read that when it comes to withdrawal, more steroid cream makes it flare up immediately, which it doesn't in my case. I'm getting these patches in places i would typically apply steroid cream ,My neck, but also places i typically wouldn't apply it ,My side, well, until now.

I randomly came across an article a few months ago about a guy who had severe steroid withdrawal all over his body and it looked pretty similar to my patches. Could this be another type of eczema I'm experiencing or does this sound like steroid withdrawal?
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Re: Do I have Steroid Withdrawal?

Postby Marcie Mom on Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:09 am

Sorry to hear of the problems.. steroid withdrawal is not that common, and potentially difficult to diagnose as well. Maybe read this interview for more info? Take care! ... prof-hugo/
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