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ATOPIC DERMATITIS AND Hypopigmentation/hyper and blisters

Postby eczemahelp12345 on Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:26 pm

I have atopic dermatitis all over my body(most of it), and over the course of 3 years when i was first diagnosed. I noticed hypopigmented spots started to appear. the most pronounce hypopigmented spots are the one on the right side of my groin a small one about the size of a few grains of rice, another one on the right side of my knee, and 1 behind my right armpit(shoulder side). i also got various ones on my left thigh, and various smaller ones on my left arm. they have never faded away. I attributed this to using steroids, however i rotate them 1 week of use, and another to let my skin "return to previous state", i did this on and off strategy for the 3 years i have been having this problem. Because of all the scratching the rashes i also get hyperpigmentation, but these fade if i wait a year. In addition i also get bouts and outbreak of blisters, some of them look like pimples, but they are fluid filled. some are yellow, white. and these cause alot of pigmentation, and scarring. i come to realize that fluid is actually your own serum. currently under a flare up because of the season(summer time)
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