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Perineal swelling

Postby Mrose1992 on Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:19 pm

Hi so I have some swelling and painful soreness in my perineam like the skin between vagina and anus it's kinda hard I have had 2 kids and epsiotomies both times not sure if that may have anything to do with it I took a picture down there just to try to see what's going one there's no rash/bumps nothing like that some said it could be herpes but I've seen what herpes looks like in pictures and it nothing like that just swollen soreness it did look like they're maybe some white discharge inside so maybe yeast infection but I have no itching at all either it's just tender and swollen kinda like a hard line along perineam it seems to be open not than normal also so maybe a year along the epsiotomy scar I have really had sex in over a month almost 2 months I did use my toy about a week ago and it felt like it may have tore but the soreness just started yesterday and that was like over a week ago so if think if it was due to that it would have started then anyone had any type of these problems? Also there no burning during urination or anything like that any suggestions?
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Re: Perineal swelling

Postby talkhealth on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:03 pm


Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Have you been to visit your GP? Please do let us know how you get on and we wish you the best in finding the right solution.

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