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pressure sores

Postby pmkendall on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:33 pm

After being in a coma and the hospital trialled proning to relieve pressure from my heart and left lung i woke from my coma with pressure sores on my right bottom cheek and top of thigh. During my recovery in ICU I was hoisted from my bed, unable to communicate due to medications and treachiostomy and unable to move or adjust position due to being paralysed. They made me sit, unable to move for hours saying it was good for me. 8 months later im still using a pressure cushion as although the sores have healed my skin is still incredibly delicate and sore. I have to sit a lot as im recovering from being paralysed from the neck down and even though im now walking, i need to rest a lot.

Can anyone tell me how long i will remain hypa sensitive to sitting and needing to use a pressure cushion
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