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Uterine and pubic bone pain

Postby The_Berry on Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:45 pm

I'm 28 and I've been suffering from a tender uterus and pain just behind my pubic bone for the last three months or so. At first, the symptoms were so mild that I thought I was imagining them. Now, although thankfully the pain is not yet severe, the symptoms are unmistakable. They disrupt my sleep, and are worse if I'm on my front or side for some reason, and on occasion I'll take pain relief for them. I've had no answers from the doctors, who think I'm a hypochondriac, and I'm at a loss.

Some background which may or may not be relevant is that I had a miscarriage in August. I found out at my 12 week scan in mid-August that the baby had died. I took misoprostol twice to expel the tissue, which failed. Some started to come out but was still attached so when they tried to yank it out with forceps it just broke off, leaving some inside.

In mid-September I had an MVA to get the rest of the tissue out. However, despite a 'clear' ultrasound afterwards, even that missed some tissue! I passed another 3x2cm lump four days later.

My HCG then took 6 weeks to drop from 18 to 2, which I thought was strangely slow.

I've had three periods since, which have come on time, though they've been quite long.

Basically (and this is where the hypochondria comes in, in my doctor's eyes) I think I could have uterine or cervical cancer. Or maybe more retained tissue.

I've had ultrasounds which can't see anything, but we know that they can miss things and definitely can't show up things in the cervix. I've had 3 clear smears in my life, most recently last December, but I know they're not reliable too. Plus, if I had cervical cancer I think it would be high up in my cervical canal so undetectable.

I just don't know what to do now :(

Sorry for the long post and I hope someone responds!
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Re: Uterine and pubic bone pain

Postby talkhealth on Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:56 am

Hello - we are very sorry to hear about your pain. I am sure that you will have visited all the recommended websites for additional help such as NHS Choices but it can be very difficult to understand what you are reading is relevant to you directly. We always recommended that you keep going back to your health care professional if you are not happy with your treatment and also look to seek a second opinion or even a third if you are not getting a satisfactory response from them. Although this is in the future we will be running in March 2018 our online clinic on Gynaecology where you will have the opportunity to ask medical experts you concerns. So please do visit our experts then if you are still experiencing issues. To be reminded when the clinic opens either drop us a line directly at or please set your membership settings to ask to be informed about the clinic open dates.
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