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Multi coloured face

Postby Eczemaisnotcool on Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:03 pm

Sorry guys if this has nothing to do with eczema, but i have noticed in the past few months that my face is not one colour, there are two big patches of white on my cheeks that are noticeable under a light, and it seems the only original skin colour on my face is around my eyes and my mouth. Also my forehead and on the parts between my eyes and my sideburns are quite red and miscoloured. I have had eczema since toddler times, and i think this annoying colour thing only appeared last year, maybe it worsened?
Btw i am of south asian origin, light brown.
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Re: Multi coloured face

Postby Marcie Mom on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:59 am

Hi! My daughter's face also had lighter color - I suspect it is Pityriasis alba, going to bring her to dermatologist for a proper diagnosis, can read the link below to see if it applies to you?
Take care!
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