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scar tissue after c-section - can it cause abdominal pain?

Postby polarbear33 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:01 pm

Just before Christmas a hard pelvic lump appeared under my skin, a few centimetres in from my right hip bone. My GP ordered ultrasound to check my ovary, and then she ordered a further ultrasound to check the pelvis, and the radiographer’s report said it was: ‘a calcified granule, 5mm in length, probably scar tissue, embedded in muscle wall’ – (I’ve had two c-sections, the last one 10 years ago, but this is above the c-section scars). The lump isn't really painful, only a little when exercising or stretching, or when pressed. My GP says I shouldn’t have it removed as it may lead to more scar tissue forming, but since it appeared, I’ve also had a constant mild, sometimes moderate, abdominal pain, running directly up from the granule, to the right of my tummy button, and sometimes down my side. The GP suggested this is unrelated IBS, but I have no other symptoms of IBS. I’ve never had any digestion problems. And IBS medication hasn’t improved the tummy pain, so I am doubtful. We do have bowel cancer in the family – my grandmother and my aunt on my father’s side had/have it, but GP says I have no red flags for bowel cancer, so she isn’t concerned. My question is, could the scar tissue be causing the pain further up, and if so, should I have the granule removed? In the back of my mind I worry the radiographer has misinterpreted the ultrasound and the granule is something more serious. I have suggested a kidney stone – GP says the granule is in the wrong place. She tested for blood in urine and found nothing. I have suggested a vein stone – GP says unlikely. A medic friend mentioned gall stones, but again GP says the pain isn’t in the right place for gall stones. I have had full blood tests and all have come back normal.
Despite my efforts to find out what is causing the problems, I can find no information online. Whatever I read about scar tissue, it never mentions it appearing as a calcified granule! I’m in my mid 40s. I exercise regularly. I have a healthy diet and don’t drink. I’m not overweight. Should I pay for private CT scan for peace of mind, or just live with it? Thanks.
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Re: scar tissue after c-section - can it cause abdominal pai

Postby Mr Jonathan Broome on Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:38 pm


Without the benefit of the scan result or examining you the little granule could be a focus of endometriosis that became implanted in the scar at the time of your c/s, might be worth a referral to a gynaecologist or even a general surgeon for consideration of an excision biopsy.
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