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Suprapubic catheter

Postby willprocter1 on Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:38 am

My name's Will.
I have only recently had an SPC put it to help me with toileting.
I'm looking for some advice on some symptoms I'm experiencing.
I've been experiencing some tingling and a burning sensation in my penis
and also some urine coming through my penis. When I have spoken to doctors
about this they tell me that this is normal for suprapubic catheters. My main problem
is with the urine leakage through the penis.
I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions of things I could do to prevent
this. I've recently had a bladder infection which was treated with antibiotics. It's been
a few days since I've had bladder leakage but last night I had a coke. I thought this could
possibly have aggravated the infection. Does anyone know if this is a factor?
Any help would be much appreciated as this is my first experience with an SPC, and
I feel like a bit of a fish out of water.
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