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after 4 weeks using Enstilar...

Postby nathanjame on Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:18 am

Hi All

I'm looking for some advise from anyone who has done the full 4 weeks of Enstilar foam. After completing 4 weeks using Enstilar my psoriasis is quickly returning and i'm not sure what to do! (I get it mostly on my legs and elbows). My doctor said I need to give my skin a break before using it again and my pharmacy cant get hold of it at the moment anyway! My doctor gave me calcipotriol ointment to use in the meantime but it doesnt seem to be working. Has anyone got to this stage who might have some advise?

Also to anyone who hasn't tried it yet, it does work really well and its fast too. My legs are quite scarred from where i've had psoriasis but they are fading. I use an organic aloe vera gel and it seems to work quite well!

Any advice much appreciated!

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