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Vitiligo treatment for kids

Postby Guest Posts on Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:43 pm

Is there any supplements recommended for Vitiligo? My 7 year old daughter has vitiligo on her hands and feet and she is using Betnovate with good results but slow. I would like to know if there is any treatment or diet suggested for Kids?
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Re: Vitiligo treatment for kids

Postby Dr Adil Sheraz on Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:02 pm

There have been some studies that have looked into the roles of oral vitamins and supplements in vitiligo. Most of these supplements are thought to work through their anti-oxidant actions. Vitamin C, E, alpha lipoic acid and zinc to name a few have been studied as both monotherapy and in combination with other treatments, the results are somewhat positive. These are however quite small studies and further work needs to be done. I don't think there is much harm in trying supplements as long as it is done safely but don't hold your breath for any dramatic re-pigmentation. Hands can often be the hardest part to treat, keep up with the recommended treatments!
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Re: Vitiligo treatment for kids

Postby Dr Dev Shah on Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:34 pm

To add to Dr Sheraz's post, I would also consider checking your child's Vitamin D level and ensuring it is adequate, as well as adding in a topical tacrolimus ointment which should help the treatment and progress.
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