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Foods to avoid when undergoing an Erectile Dysfunction Treat

Postby KristenSwan on Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:39 pm

Physical & psychological factors, both are responsible for the occurrence of ED. The most common physical reasons are high blood pressure, diabetes, over-weight & obesity. We see that our diet & eating habits may cause these conditions.

Our diet is deeply correlated to sexual functions. There are certain foods that enhance our sex-vigor. On the other hand, some foods cause blood-vessel blockage and reduce testosterone levels. When we eat these foods, they cause erectile dysfunction directly or indirectly.

ED patients should avoid eating the following foods because they narrow down the blood vessels. Their consumption during erectile dysfunction treatment can delay the process of recovery.

[list=]Excessive Use of Alcohol
Fats & Carbohydrates Aggravate Erectile Dysfunction Conditions
BPA in Canned Food & Plastic Containers May Enhance The ED Problem
Fried Foods Worsen The ED Problem
Regular Meat Eating Increases Erectile Dysfunction[/list]
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