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Online clinic on prostate & testicular health - Nov 2018

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General Prostate Health Questions

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Enlarged Prostate

Postby Michael123 on Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:00 pm

Hi. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in 2015. The operation was successful and all camera checks since have shown no reoccurrence. However the last two have shown an enlarged Prostate. I have been prescribed Tamulosin since the previous camera check, nine months ago but the enlargement does not appear to have subsided and was visible as a bulge into the bladder around the urethra last week. My next camera check is in 12 months time. My PSA level result from last months blood test was 1.7. I am 76 years old. Do I need to be concerned or is this a normal, age related condition ?
Many thanks in anticipation of your reply.
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Re: Enlarged Prostate

Postby Jonathan Makanjuola on Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:54 am

i am glad you bladder is clear of cancer

Regarding the prostate the view from the camera test correlates poorly to symptoms

and having a enlarged prostate on the cystoscopy doesn't mean that there is a problem

your PSA is normal for your age (but will need prostate exam as well as part of check up)

if there are concerns your GP / local urologist will do

1. IPSS questionnaire - its a series of questions for checking the severity of waterworks symptoms and importantly the degree of bother of your symptoms (ad given a score at the end)

2. flow rate and post void residual - this is a pee test to evaluate the strength of flow and if your retain any urine in the bladder - the graph will help predict the force of urine flow

As you are on tamsulosin (prostate relaxer) already if any issues with he flow they can add finasteride
(prostate shrinker) as maximum medical treatment
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