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IBS age 9

Postby kellymac1 on Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:40 pm

Just new to this site /form .
I’m a worried mum and was looking for some advice ??

My boy hasn’t been diagnosed with anything yet .
He’s 9 and has had some minor IBS symptoms since aged 2 or 3 (mainly reflux )
More severe come age 7/8.
Symptoms ; diorehha, constipation , cramping , nauseous (main ones), acid reflux
Has food allergies & hay fever (peanut /hazelnut/apple & melon )

Was admitted to hospital 3 times this year with suspected appendicitis due to the severity of his
Cramps . Administered oral morphine as pain relief .

He’s had 2 scans around the bowel & xray , was inflammed ; but no real concerns
Numerous bloods and stools taken to test for IBD/colitis ; also Low markers .

He’s still attends hospital /gastreo team & is due a review soon.
But his symptoms persist.
He Was sent home from school today (again) , because his diorehha was so bad , he wasn’t able to make the bathroom in time . So embarrassing for him .
He’s missed so much time off school, with his symptoms .

I feel helpless . I tell all the doctors / paediatricians , but they still give me no answers .
His diet doesn’t change much : so why can he eat something one day and be fine ; yet eat the same thing and suffer diorehha and cramps , if it’s diet dependent?
How can he have constipation one day and diorehha the next ?
He doesn’t seem stressed or anxious , is quite confident, smart & loves school .

I feel like I’m going to lose my job because of the amount of times I have to leave work and collect him
From school , or take him to appointments , or stay at home and care for him , but that aside , I just want to know how to help him.
Any advice please ??
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