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Is this dishydrotic eczema? Or something else?

Postby TJFather on Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:05 pm

My 22month old Daughter has had this skin condition on her hands and a bit in forearms (as well as a hint of it in her big toes) for over a year now. I live in the middle of nowhere in the Dominican Republic so access to proper Dermstologist or Paediatrician is limited. I was told by a paediatrician 6 months ago to use the topical cream “Dermabiotic” and that is should heal up within a few weeks. This has not happened and continues. The cream seems to keep it under some control but it flares up sometimes. She does have her hands in her mouth a lot and I thought that it might be from this? Sometimes the little blisters get big and burst which looks very irritating for her. Any advice would be gratefully received... attached is a photograph.
Blisters on hands
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Re: Is this dishydrotic eczema? Or something else?

Postby Marcie Mom on Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:53 am

Sorry to hear of the rash and discomfort.. I'm not sure if it is dyshidrotic eczema, have you compared the rash to those online and the symptom? ... ic-eczema/ ... c-20352342

However, I looked up Dermabiotic and not sure if that is the right treatment..

Its active ingredients are Bacitracin and Neomycin, both of these are the top irritant allergens for children with contact dermatitis - do refer more to the interview I had with dermatologist below ... -steve-xu/

I would think in absence of being able to see a doctor, you may want to keep the area clean, moisturize and if the rashes prevail and you can get the lowest potency steroid, hydrocortisone Desonide 0.05%; but please watch your daughter and don't let her put her hands with the treatment in her mouth or rub her eyes. You can try getting Tubifast gloves, my child wears them too ... ds-gloves/ (but don't wear the gloves after you have put on topical steroid as it will 'over-absorb' into the skin)

I'm really not sure if it's eczema.. you can refer to another dermatologist interviews of some other hand rash ... -triggers/

Hope above helps, take care
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