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Postby JuliaBarker on Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:57 pm

I have gone three years now without an outbreak and believe I have found the cause of my Dyshidrotic Eczema. I've have come back to share my discovery because I remember how painful and horrible the condition was, and if this helps just one person it was worth my time to post.


I used to take a lot of vitamin D because I knew that pretty much everyone was vitamin D deficient. What I didn't know is that vitamin D is fat soluble. So if you take too much, you don't just pee it out. It stays in your system. If you take too much, those little blisters are pretty much vitamin D trying to get out of your body.

I had requested a full blood work be done on all of my vitamin and mineral levels, but they wouldn’t test for Vitamin D because of the cost. They just say that everyone is Vitamin D deficient, and you should supplement. I suspected that maybe given the fact that vitamin was fat soluble, maybe I had too much in my body. I stopped taking it, and sure enough, my Dyshidrosis went away for good.

I later got tested for my vitamin D levels with no supplements and found out that I was at a normal level. So I never needed the supplements in the first place. I only wish I could have had the levels tested during an outbreak to confirm. Regardless, I am confident that this is what caused my Dyshidrotic Eczema as I eliminated the Vitamin D, and thus eliminated my outbreaks.

I recommend anyone who has this, get your vitamin D levels checked.

One more thing. I have confirmed this theory with the children’s vitamins I take. Because they are children’s gummy bear vitamins, I sometimes take two or even three. If I take two or three a day for several days, I will get one or two blisters (like I did today). I stop taking them for a couple of days and the blisters go away without any new ones appearing. Also, If I spend a lot of time in the sun in the summer time, I will also get some blisters, but only 10 max as opposed to the thousands I used to get during an outbreak. It's like I have a sensitivity to vitamin D.

So I hope this helps. I remember how painful and debilitating this condition was. Nothing helped to relieve the symptoms, so you must find the root cause to get rid of it. If it's not vitamin D for you, maybe it's something else that is elevated in your system. Think of it as little blisters full of something trying to get out of your body. It's trying to rid itself of something it deems toxic or in excess.

Get your vitamin D levels tested.

Best wishes to you all!!!
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Postby emmalouisecherry on Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:41 pm

That's amazing, congrats! I too have cured mine!

I suffered with this from a very young age and have only just got it under control in the last few years.

It was agony, I couldn't walk, my feet looked like I had leprosy, it was a nightmare. I had loads of allergy tests done, had my feet poked and prodded by all kinds of doctors, and photos of my feet even ended up in textbooks! Really, in the long run, the doctors were no use. The steroid creams and weird coal tar creams I was given didn't help, if anything made it worse.

What I found really, really helped were the following:

1. Wear shoes that let your feet breath. What I found worked were suede desert boots. Anything with natural fabrics, not too much rubber.
2. Change your socks at least twice a day. My flareups were in the summer, so it was obvious that it was connected to having really hot feet! I found cotton trainer socks helped. Having naked feet against the inside of my shoes was too painful, and seemed to make it worse.
3. Go barefoot as much a humanly possible. This really makes a difference. Take your shoes off as soon as you get home!
4. If having a flare up and you have the small itchy blisters, try soaking your feet in warm water for 10 minutes, dry them thoroughly and then use the cream I suggest below, and leave your shoes off.
5. I went down the herbal route, and looked into creams that stopped the itch, but weren't full of chemicals. If you can control the itch, you won't get the blisters, and then the skin won't break. The best, most amazing product I found, and I absolutely swear by, is Hopes Relief. This is basically some kind of gift from the gods! It stopped the itch, moisturized my feet, and I am so incredibly grateful that I discovered it...

Yes, it is pricey for one tube, but it lasts for at least two months, and that's putting it on twice a day. It stopped the vicious cycle of itching, blisters, skin hardening up and then breaking. You really won't regret investing in this stuff. ... cue-Cream/

I really hope that's of help to people. Honestly, I feel your pain, it was just the worst, most uncomfortable thing, and so embarrassing! I think so many more people than we realise suffer from it, but are just too ashamed to talk about it.

Good luck!

Emma x
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