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HOW MY ECZEMA IS CURED and what my doctors' left out...

Postby SheHerselfHer on Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:45 am

My eczema used to be really bad on my hands, and sometimes under my feet, or my underarms... I went through many trials of changing my diet, switching medications (also took the shot many times), and spent so much money on products I didn't even need!!! First, I need to be sure that you understand the fine line between an initial itch and the itchy growth before you seek the best solution. Something starts the itch, then the itch expands...

1) MEDICINE - I do use Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1% when I start to get itchy, but here's the secret... Be careful not to put it on before bed. Medication and Products last for a certain period of time and are eventually left only to damage our skin. Therefore, keep track of how long these essentials are left on your skin.

2) PRODUCTS - I stay away from products with SLS & SDS (Sodium Laureth/Dithionite Sulfate) which are in a lot of our day-to-day uses like (dish soaps, body soaps, lotions, etc.) I learned about this a long time ago in Chemistry, and I have no idea why our doctors' leave this out... but this specific ingredient inflames our eczema. I did notice that this ingredient used to be in a lot of products when I was younger, and I acknowledge markets for trying to change their ways... But, I also believe the ingredient was an alternative to reduce costs of products. I know that it is difficult for us to manage our spending this way, but try your best and stick to sensitive products that are cheapest.

3) MECHANISM - I also recently found out that I have really bad ADHD. Scratching was my sort of "fidget" mechanism for coping with my learning ability. It is really hard for me to focus, and it stresses me out like crazy. So, I would have the urge to scratch (most people with ADHD fidget). Now, I am noticing a difference with my eczema... The medication I take for my ADHD has really helped ease my focus and stop scratching.

I really hope this helps everyone who suffer from eczema.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have been through it before, so I will do my best in helping.
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