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Peeing blood

Postby BVE14785 on Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:17 pm

Hello. For the last few years I have had "severe UTI's" every winter. What does this mean? I urinate pure blood and it is extremely painful and uncomfortable
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Re: Peeing blood

Postby Mr Ased Ali on Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:45 am

There does seem to be a bit of a link between cystitis (UTI) and cold weather / winter months. An interesting study in 2001 found an association between UTI and "recent episode of 30-plus minutes of cold hands, feet, back or buttocks"..... Another study in the 1990s found that "cooling of the feet seems to provoke symptomatic lower UTI in cystitis-prone women". So there is probably something about the cold although not well understood!

It has been speculated that perhaps people do not focus as much on hydration during the cooler months , winter diet may also be different (more sugary foods), maybe reduced immunity due to other illnesses or
maybe because people wear more clothes in winter, they might put off going to the toilet due to the increased difficulty in getting their clothes off or exposing themselves to the colder conditions.I don't think anyone truly knows!

However, leaving the winter issue aside, what is concerning is that you seem to be passing large quantities of blood in your urine. I would strongly recommend that you see a urologist and have a telescope examination of the bladder (cystoscopy) if you haven't already had one plus a urinary tract ultrasound should also be carried out. It's worth bearing in mind that there are other bladder conditions that can mimic the symptoms of UTI and one needs to be confident that it isn't something else.
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