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What's the difference between depression and boredom?

Postby bartelby on Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:44 pm

One of the main symptoms of depression can be expressed as “I don’t feel like doing anything.” which can be similar to boredom in a way. But when a person is bored, he/she should find something that interest him/her. And that person is possibly able to find a way to end boredom easily.

In depression, the symptom that is similar to boredom is called “aversion”. “Aversion usually appears as procrastination. The interest in things normally done as a result of responsibility decreases. For instance, the patient does not want to go to work, even if he goes, he struggles. A student never feels easy to prepare for exams. He stares at the book for hours without reading. Aversion is a main symptom of depression. The person doesn’t feel like doing anything at all. In severe depression, it might become impossible to leave the bed. After a while, interest in pleasant things disappears. If a friend calls, you just make up an excuse and stay at home instead of doing anything. You don’t even feel the need to check the results of the football games that you used to watch every week. People who normally spent hours in front of mirror before leaving the house turns into a homebody. They say that they feel older.
In severe depression, aversion becomes excessive. The patient may not leave the bed for days. Even if one wakes up early, he or she prefers to stay in the bed and wants to stay like that forever. Doesn’t watch TV, doesn’t read, doesn’t talk and doesn’t eat if someone else doesn’t prepare the food. In more serious cases, patient may even feel impossible to go to the bathroom."
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Re: What's the difference between depression and boredom?

Postby keeponkeepingon on Fri May 31, 2019 6:23 pm

Someone might be "bored to death", but I don't think being bored drives you to suicidal thoughts - that's probs the difference.
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Re: What's the difference between depression and boredom?

Postby eblclinic on Thu Jun 20, 2019 4:58 am

Depression:- Depression is a mental disorder characterized by low mood. It is the constant state of being unhappy. It is characterized by irregular sleep patterns, feelings of worthlessness and sometimes, false beliefs and paranoia.

Boredom:- Boredom is simply a state of mind in which the individual is not mentally stimulated by his/her surroundings. This leaves them unmotivated to do any work.

The major difference between Depression and Boredom is that "Depression" is a mental disorder characterized by continuous low mood. "Boredom" is when a person is not mentally stimulated by his surrounding.
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