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Varicose Eczema- treatments and experiences?

Postby artistgirl1 on Thu May 09, 2019 5:08 pm

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of my mother, who has been diagnosed with varicose eczema on her foot/ankle, since November. In March it turned worse, and developed into a weeping, crusting area on her foot. She's been told by her GP that it's not infected, but she has to be very careful that it doesn't get infected. She was prescribed a steroid cream at first, but she hasn't wanted to use it in case she has a reaction from it or side effects. She's also been prescribed emollients but she's yet to use those too, as she's worried about the ingredients and possible reactions. She is using a homeopathic cream- Graphites- and this seems to give her some temporary relief, but it's not curing it of course. What to do when she's scared to use the chemical creams the doctors have prescribed? I've read that this condition can lead to severe complications- ulcers etc, if left untreated- and I don't think it's being treated properly as yet. She's had conflicting advice from two doctors, a nurse and a pharmacist. She hasn't been referred to a dermatologist or venous specialist yet, but I think she ought to be. I've read that the only way of 'curing' this problem is vein treatments /vein surgery, but she's afraid of that too. Has anyone out there with this condition had their veins operated on? What type of creams do you use, that don't make it worse or give a reaction?
I'd be grateful for any advice. I've hardly found anything about varicose eczema on this forum yet (apart from one feedback answer from an expert) - there seems to be so little from people who actually have it. I think the condition isn't much understood - it's not just the surface skin but the underlying problem too.
Please help. Thanks
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