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Wiil my girls develop vitiligo

Postby louise69 on Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:01 pm

My vitiligo appeared on me when i was about 18 , it runs in my family , my dad has it , my uncle has it ..all on my fathers side .My question is ..i have 2 girls who are 25 and 21 and show no signs of having it .Will they develop it later or have they missed the faulty gene .P.S i do have a lot of other auto immune problems too
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Re: Wiil my girls develop vitiligo

Postby Dr Zainab Laftah on Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:52 pm

Dear Louise

Thank you for your questions. It sounds like autoimmune conditions run in your family. As you know Vitiligo is also an autoimmune condition and we commonly see other autoimmune conditions associated, both with the individual and their family members. To answer your question on inheritance, yes vitiligo has a genetic basis however it does not necessarily follow that your children will develop it. Vitiligo can be unpredictable and can develop at any age. Having said that more than half of people affected usually have developed vitiligo before the age of 20.

Best wishes

Dr Zainab Laftah
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